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right now. >> reporter: they are now calling this a recovery effort. if you look behind me the dive team as you see getting ready to search the 40-foot deep water in the quarry for a man that went missing earlier tonight while looking for his cat. >> this was the scene a couple hours ago as a chp helicopter swooped in to light the area where the man is believed to have fallen. as water rescue teams poke and prod the water below. firefighters scale the hillside and rugged terrain. authorities say the mans friend or roommate went outlooking for him after he didn't come back looking for his cat behind their home. he found a flashlight 15 feet down the hillside but no sign of the man. later the rescue team was able to find the cat. >> i spoke with battalion chief he says they searched every nook and cranny and they found
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nothing. they're planning to search until they find the missing man. elizabeth cook, cbs 5. you see the rain behind elizabeth. we got this in by a photographer. he stuck a camera on his news van while driving south. wipers going at full speed. it's coming down. cbs 5 meteorologist paul deanno where it's about to really come down. >> the bay bridge is getting the worst of it right now. this front is splitting the bay area in half. in san francisco, oakland, is where we find the heaviest rain right now. concord and pleasant hill you're getting heavy rainfall. areas like santa rosa, you're getting a bit of a break. and the south bay, you're waiting for the first drops of rain. but trust me the morning commute tomorrow around san jose is going to be sloppy. latest computer models suggest
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a half inch of rainfall for santa rosa with half of that toward hayward and less for san jose. you can look at doppler radar at cbs sf. com. wait until you see how much sunshine in the forecast. coming up next. >> cbs 5 reporter shows us while the thief was casing the house. the house was casing her. >> he stole the items off the porch in six seconds. >> i want to say this lady messed with the wrong techi. >> a cloud computer expert that recently installed smart high definition surveillance cameras complete are motion detection, night vision and instant e mail alerts. the woman was shadowing the ups truck on myer park circle.
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she stole a paper bag full of food donations for the needy. >> perhaps she needed the food. >> it's entirely possible. >> it's the time of year for this type of crime but also say this theft could have been prevented. 20 minutes before the same camera captured the ups delivery man as he dropped off the package but did not knock on the door even though someone was home. ups hired more than 55,000 seasonal worker and they're try trained to knock or ring the doorbell and place the package out of view from the street. the ups spokesperson says they're disappointed this employee violated policy and will investigate. the man who shot and killed two people at the richmond bridge laughed when they found out the jury wants him to tie. nathan admitted to murdering his exgirlfriend and another person at the toll plaza three years ago. during the trial he frequently
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mocked the victims families. today he turned to them and yelled i blew your brother's brains out. nothing you can do about it. and then he laughed. >> i can never forgive him. i hate him. and i'm glad they gave him the death penalty. >> we were weighing the lives of two priceless people, deborah ross, and everett verses the life of a guy who proved to us during his testimony and actions in the court to be worth less. >> another juror said death was too good for him. the prosecutor added that he's never seen someone so hateful. all the talk of an eminent cease fire between israel and hamas turned out to be just that. talk. and israeli missile caused that explosion in gaza. journalists at a nearby hotel
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felt it. cbs 5 reporter kristen on what the obama administration is about to do. secretary of state hillary clinton is in the middle eastern working on a truce. >> for the 7th day in a row explosions rocked the street of gaza. air strikes and artillery shells met by the blast of missiles launched from gaza. death is in the streets here. hamas dragged the body of palestinian trader. two years today. more attacks warned to come. images fear any talk of a peace treaty. open to diplomacy but prepared for war. >> i'm sure you understand that israel will have to take whatever action is necessary to defend its people.
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>> secretary clinton re affirmed support for israel but said there can be one goal. >> a durable outcome that promotes regional stability and advances security and legitimate aspiration of israelis and palestinians alike. >> a truce will require the help of egyptian and palestinian leaders whom clinton will visit tomorrow. with mounting casualties on both sides a far cry from the grim reality on the ground. >> secretary clinton will speak with palestinian leader on the west bank and with egypt leaders in cairo. kristen, cbs 5. >> a major change to birth control. cbs reporter elaine explains why. >> in the 1960s when birth control pills were first approved only married women could get a prescription.
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now nearly 11 million people are on the pill. dan gross man's research led to today's recommendation that oral contraceptives be made over the counter to reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies. >> we have 50 years of experience with oral contraceptives it's one of best studied medications around. we know it's incredibly safe. >> half of all pregnancies are unintended a rate that's not changed in 20 years. nearly 5 million women considered at risk for an unintended pregnancy do not use any kind of birth control. >> women that aren't using contraception but are using a less effective method may start using the pill. it could make the pill easy to get for women taking it and can prevent gaps in use. >> a registered nurse. she's worried a lack of over sight could lead to misuse or increase the risk for side effects such as blood clots.
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>> we need have that contact with patients. and we need to be able to monitor their health. and the only way you do that is to have birth control pills stay a prescriptive item. >> the fda is looking at ways to increase access. the possibilities include a one time prescription or automated screenings at special can kiasks. not everybody was happy with the vote. there is a balance between the rights of nudists and everyone else. >> taking your pants off at the market and displaying your genitils to everyone that's not free expression. >> first time violators face a one hundred dollar fine.
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a third offense could be a year in jail. the law goes in effect february 1st. >> tazered by the chp then she has a heart attack. >> the traffic stop that makes you wonder how safe tazers really are. >> can't get a good night sleep? this might be the answer the unusual sounds helping insomniacs fall fast asleep. >> why are house fires burning hotter and faster. >> you can make things worse if you're not careful. >> the tactics firefighters are using the advice they have for homeowners coming up next.
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lethal as advertised. "taser, woman ayers. >> a newly released chp video is firing up an old debate on whether tazers really are as nonlethal as advertised. >> this shows a las angeles driver going into cardiac arrest. she took three jolts to the chest after refusing to happened over her purse.
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officers had to do cpr to revise her. tazer barbs deliver a electric pulse. but there's no proof its products harm the heart. >> it's awfully hard to exonerate the tazer when you see a woman who was fine until she was tazerred then she becomes unconscious and is in cardiac arrest. how can you tell me using a tazer is benign. especially when we have it on videotape. >> the use of the tazer appeared to be within policy. the woman was later charged with resisting arrest. she's planning to sue the chp. an accounting scandal exposes a stunning loss for hp. the power tech company stock plummeted to its lowest price in a decade. it would take a 9 billion- dollar right down for acquiring
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autonomy corporation. the british software maker duped them into paying more than the company was worth. hp acquired autonomy last year. san francisco is downsizing to make room for workers. just approved changing the building code to allow apartments as small as 220 square feet including a closet and a bathroom. >> house fires burning quicker and hotter than ever before. figure out why the fire department has teamed up with the silicon valley firm to study the science of fires. cbs 5's allen martin shows us what we can do to save our lives. >> it's a dangerous job. hunting through thick smoke for survivors of a house fire. but the men and women of the
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men low park fire department have an edge. chief harald has teamed up with leading fire scientists to better protect crews and save lives. >> we wanted to be more analytical about what we were doing. >> in this experiment a live burn a container is set up to look like a small living room with a couple couches, pillows, curtains a coffee table, lamp, and news papers. then thermal scientists light a candle and the wait is on. within seconds the curtains catch on fire. smoke start swirling up to the ceiling. as the cloud of smoke lowers, the temperature rises. then almost simultaneously, it self ignites. it's called flash over. >> getting down here. >> it's analyzed in detail with computer generated animations. >> at every node you're computing the temperature of the pressure of the flow rate. >> kamal says a house fire
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these days reaches flash over in three to four minutes. flash over happens much faster these days because of this. modern furniture. sofas for instance are stuffed with synthetic material that burns ten times faster than cotton. with so little time to say, firefighters have had to adapt with two new tactics. first ventilation. when firefighters arrive at a fire they may open a door or window to get in and look for survivors. but if that burst of oxygen comes after flash over it could fuel flames. >> you could make things worse if you're not careful. >> the timing for turning on water hoses. dousing a house fire before going in with something firefighters never used to do. for fear of burning people inside with steam. but now that house fires burn so hot. >> using water sparingly but
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strategically is really what i would say the trick is. >> the new tactics are working. >> it's like choreography. >> so what can you do as a homeowner. watch this. >> you'll see the second sprinkler activate now. >> sprinklers stop fire in its tracks. a computer animation of a real event. you can see some fire in the room but the fire doesn't go into any other rooms because the sprinklers are activated. i know people are buying solar panels for their homes. look at what protects your family first. sprinklers protect your families. it sounds obvious but so do smoke detectors. now more than ever. >> the degrees behind is base pond early detection. think about it. be prepared. research brings a whole new meaning to the term sound sleep. it turns out listening to your own brain could be the cure for
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insomnia. how does this sound of human brain waves converted to musical tones. the goal is to try to whether the technology may also help with migraines, or even p-t-s-d. paul does weather paul does weather paul wrap paul wrap coming up: the theory that . >> interesting stuff. you know what the radar looks like. a big line that's splitting the bay area in half. the high definition doppler is showing a lot of rain out
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there. this is what you saw if you were out this evening. a lot of wet folks. jumping over puddles like that dude right there. it was wet out there. let's see where it's raining heaviest right now. basically parallelling interstate 80. fairfield heavy rainfall. that blob of yellow heading toward concord, just leaving hercules a lot of areas receiving heavy rainfall right now. the low pressure is all the way up in british columbia. this front stretches several hundred miles. from vancouver bc to las angeles right now. including the bay area. the front will move through tomorrow morning. rain chance will end by lunchtime tomorrow. once the front moves out. that's the last rain chance we'll have for about a week. yes the evening commute today
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was a wash out for some of you the morning commute tomorrow is pretty sloppy. beautiful weather for the holiday weekend lunchtime tomorrow. we'll be sunny and mild for a long time. but have rain for you. sunnyvale, 66. walnut creek a wet morning. sunny afternoon. downtown san francisco, 63 and alameda 65. some sunshine by the afternoon. look at the sunshine for thanksgiving. mid 60s. black friday upper 60s. maybe 70 inland over the weekend. it's all about the sunshine. but very wet tonight. that commute tomorrow will be sloppy. >> it will be a mess. >> brain waves will say something else while driving tomorrow. >> coming up the theory that shopping on shrine online is
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bad for the environment. ,,,,,,,,
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. >> americans are going to spend a ton of money in the next few weeks. >> a lot of people will be shopping online of course. c bs 5 reporter on the theory that it's bad for the
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environment. >> reporter: this family did store shopping tonight at toys r us. but she says usually she shops from home. >> i'm pretty much 90 percent online. >> but the toys r us ceo is blasting online shopping cool it ungreen. saying people are so into how cool it is that they can order anything and get it brought to their home that they aren't thinking about the carbon footprint foot not print on the environment. >> we talked to one environmentalist that has a whole different take on shopping this holiday season. >> the best thing you can do is reuse something or borrow something from a friend. >> adam is launching an online recycle website on black friday. as for what's better environmentally online or retail.
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>> the studies have been mixed. for small items in urban areas they can frequently be better bought online for larger items in urban areas it can be better to buy it at the store. it's that last mile of delivery with a huge amount of carbon footprint. >> toys r us sold $1 billion online. but they claimed in store door buster deals on black friday will be better than anything they offer online. in dublin juliette good rich cbs 5. >> i don't think it's possible. >> do you remember will chamber than. did you hear about the college player that scored 138 points tonight. and aaron rogers is furious over cal's big decision. his reaction, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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after 11 seasons jeff tedfod has been fired a . >> the winningest coach in the history of cal football is gone. after eleven seasons. he has been fired as head football coach. he compiled an 82 and 57 record in berkeley with eight bowl appearances this reason cal had
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its second losing mark in three year. but he resurrected cal football and that success translated into a new stadium. but in the ever increasing world of what have you done for me lately the answer was simply not enough. >> it's a matter of did i believe that we could turn around some of these worry some trends, ultimately my conclusion was that it wouldn't be -- it wouldn't be deep enough. to take us to where we need to be. jeff is a good man. he's brought great success and celebration to this university. and he deserves to occupy a place of honor in the cal family. >> everybody on the team gave him a hug after and we gave him a standing ovation as he deserved as he exited. as he left. but yeah, it was pretty
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emotional. >> nfl source told cbs 5 that jackson is all ready putting out feeler for assistants. he's an assistant for the cincinnati bangles. the hunger bowl will move to the stadium in 2014. the bowl and the 49ers announced the move today in a press conference at the stadium site. the game has been played at at&t park since 2002. >> it's a terrible decision. terrible decision. and i think it's disrespectful too. you have some competitive facilities now where you can really recruit some kids and what do they do? they fire him. the winningest coach in history. it's just -- it's a shame. >> better late than never.
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mike d'antoni wins in brooklyn. the raptors. mission began state, brandon dawson. this is a windmill. will chamber land has nothing on jack taylor who scored an ncaa record 138 points tonight verses faith baptist bible. he shot every 20 seconds and buried 52 shots. they won the game 179 to 104. you remember will chamber land scored 100 points for the philadelphia warriors. there was no television for that game. no footage. tonight there is. we'll be back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. >> kid's a ball hog. i'm sorry.

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